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Youth Outreach & Internship 2018 Program


Our mission is to provide youth and young adults a creative outlet in the media and entertainment industry.


The participants not only will attend free seminars and workshops but will have an opportunity to gain experience by volunteering as assistants to the GIFF-CON film crew during the festival. They also will help with pre-production of the festival by creating social media promos and buzz, as well as promotional reels for the festival – a great addition to their resumes. 

Festival organizers also will work with media arts directors at the Galveston Independent School District and Galveston County to determine more ways that the Galveston Island Film Festival will benefit the youth and young adults of the Island community and the county. 


Overview of Program:

• Meet two Saturdays or every other Saturday of each month leading up to festival.

• Each participant is required to fill out an application and attend an orientation. 

• Attend a full production meeting to discuss ideals for the festival.

• Focus on how to promote the festival.

• Create scripts.

• Break into crew roles.

• Create an IMDB Profile.

• Create/update your resume.

• Learn how to produce from script to production, and

• How to promote from grassroots point-of-view to successful outcome.

• Each participating youth will become a part of the GIFF-CON Alumni Crew for future projects. 

• Must be at least 15 years old – Need a guardian/parent consent form.

• Youths 18 years and older are welcome to participate as an unpaid intern.


Become a member of the inaugural class of 2018 Galveston Island Film Festival and Conference

Youth & Internship program.

Fill out form below.


Deadline: June 15, 2018

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