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Diversity is the Pearl within the Shell of the Entertainment Industry

The Galveston Island Film Festival & Conference is an event that include

screenings of short, and Documentary films, and networking opportunities with creative minds from all walks of life. 


The two-day event will screen films

in genres of drama, comedy, action, fantasy/sci-fi, inspirational and musical/dance at Moody Gardens 3D Theatre providing filmmakers and attendees a first-class, state-of-the-art experience. 

The gathering will also showcase the production value of the island and surrounding areas and connect

like-minded entertainment professionals.


Everyone will experience the diverse

culture of beautiful Galveston Island,

the embodiment of the American vision

of unity.



Galveston Island Film Festival & Conference will showcase both new and established artists who demonstrate creative storytelling with a multicultural voice,
mirroring our world that is becoming more diverse.

"Diversity is the American superpower.

That's why we're great!” – Will Smith

GIFF-CON's importance lies in its ability to address issues of integration, diversity, and new technology in the entertainment 

industry. It will provide a platform for those creators who are not yet in the mainstream but use their unique voices

to express their artistic point-of-views.

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