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Galveston Island, where the glory of the 19th century is interwoven with 21st century charm,
is the perfect location for a film festival that is focused on diversity in the ever-changing entertainment industry. From the 1920s to 1950s, Galveston was both a major tourist destination as well as a playground for the Hollywood elite, with casinos and other entertaining business venues such as the famed “Balinese Room.” It became nationally known as the
“Sin City of the Gulf.”

Today, as one of Texas’ great treasures, Galveston is a nationally known tourist destination centered on history and tradition. Its unique blend of cultures creates the perfect backdrop
for a film festival focused on the integration of diversity in the entertainment industry.

When you come to Galveston, you will experience Southern hospitality and the rich history
of the original “Free State Of Texas” in the midst of beautiful Victorian homes, lavish hotels,

and electrifying nightlife.

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